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OMG! Hacking Instagram is this easy?!

Instagram accounts hacked

It’s no surprise that the popularity of Instagram has skyrocketed over the years. It started out with overwashed filters but now has upgraded so much they rival Photoshop power users. There are many apps made to hack and tweak various settings. Some users have found ways to hack Instagram passwords to high jack accounts with many followers. Taking advantage of big accounts can benefit the hacker in the short term if they get to work right away.

Secure your Password

By the time the original owner finds out their account has been hacked it might already be too late, the damage has already been done. Whatever you do, never use words that you can pull out from the dictionary in your password. Many tools that hackers use all use the basic attacks. One of them is using brute force; using a database of commonly used passwords and words.

Social Engineering Tricks

Some people are amazing at it and can lure you into giving passwords to their accounts. It’s no surprise that some are just too gullible and fall for anything. When it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. One way they can get your account information is by sending you an email or giving you a call regarding your account security. They might mention that someone has tried to access your account and you have to re-verify or reset your pass. They direct you towards a website that looks legitimate, but its true nature is to steal your account credentials. Once you enter everything in and hit enter, it goes straight to their database. From here they can do whatever they want, and if they also gained access to your email, it’s game over.

Some people on the internet are trolls pretending that their Instagram profile got hacked. But in reality, it was them all along. A popular meme that went viral has gained a lot of attention. The “Cash me outside” girl has trolled her followers with weird pictures and videos suddenly popping up. Even her bio was changed to all these strange characters. It honestly looked like someone had hacked her account. There was one video that made an announcement on a specific date and time. When it did come around, there was a music video that popped up. Then the next day everything on her profile was back to normal. It was a stunt to gain attention, followers, and a ton of engagement on a song she was helping promote.

Hacking Instagram accounts isn’t always easy. There’s a lot of security in place that can be tripped. If someone from an unknown location logs into your account you will usually get an email or a message asking if it was you that was trying to log in. You can either accept it or deny it. If this ever happens to you changing your password and making it secure is the best option to take. Two-factor authentication is also a setting that you can turn on. It uses your phone number to verify your account. A text message is sent to you with a code that you use whenever your account needs to be verified. If you get a new phone with a new phone number make sure you disable it before switching over.

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