Every photo, one app.

The most simple method to hacking Snapchat accounts

Snapchat maps hack

In order to hack someone’s Snapchat account you will need only one app.  It’s available for iOS and Android at the moment.  There have been rumors that the developers will be releasing a program for Windows systems.  To date it’s the most effective application that can hack accounts on Snapchat within minutes.  It has helped out many users who have forgotten their passwords or if their account has been stolen. (more…)

OMG! Hacking Instagram is this easy?!

Instagram accounts hacked

It’s no surprise that the popularity of Instagram has skyrocketed over the years. It started out with overwashed filters but now has upgraded so much they rival Photoshop power users. There are many apps made to hack and tweak various settings. Some users have found ways to hack Instagram passwords to high jack accounts with many followers. Taking advantage of big accounts can benefit the hacker in the short term if they get to work right away. (more…)